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As a One-Stop-Shop service provider we assist private and public clients, developers and investors, cities, operators and architects to create active waterfronts with new business opportunities and activities – as floating solutions. We walk along address our customers and partners at the same level – not from the top down.  representation to the marketing, administration, and strategic renewal of the building our innovative team gives you help and advice. Our own developments with our partners such as the design of new housing concepts are also to be considered. Our generalist view to real estate sets us apart.


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Engagement of a floating terrace, Helsinki

Floating restaurant Meripaviljonki in the bay of Eläintarhanlahti in Helsinki will be expanded in the summer of 2019 with a floating terrace. The 200sqm terrace has a kiosk with bar and toilet facilities and room for 150 customers.

Bluet is in charge of special design of the engagement and installation. The challenges in this project relate to the form of the terrace and its accessibility. The building and the terrace have been constructed by our partner Europa engineering.

Swimming pools, Kuopio

The experience center Saana, built in 2016 in Kuopio Bellanranta, wishes to develop and grow it’s activities in a more diversified direction while taking into account the unique location and tourism needs of the area. Now at planning stage to this Northern Savonia’s tourist center, Bluet has been responsible of designing and engineering a combination three heated pools with one e.g.having an infinity edge, two of which are located outside and one which is located indoors – and surprisingly on land this time!

At planning stage, Bluet has been in charge of designing the three pools & pool-related water treatment systems and the supervision of the design.

Thermal baths, Iceland

Egillstadir in Iceland will be having year round thermal baths available next year. Pools will be floating at the waterfronts of an inland lake, providing total 160 sqm of swimming space with heated water. The estimated Spa opening is summer 2019.

In this project Bluet is responsible of designing the pools, techniques of the pools, supervising the site plan & site supervision during the construction phase.

Göteborg, floating pool ensemble

In 2021, Gothenburg is celebrating it’s 400th anniversary. With such a great anniversary, you of course need something in a large scale to celebrate! Jubileumsparken is a previously built place that brings the city closer to the water, that the city wishes to evolve. At planning stake for now, is a large scale floating pool with diving platforms and other activities and a smaller sized kids pool with activities for kids too.

In the pre-design and study phase Bluet is responsible of the pre-engineering and pre-design work with the special technical design works and supervision of  the permitting for process. The project will be ready before the big 400th anniversary celebration.

Oulu Finland, floating sea bath

Allas Sea Pool Oulu will be the second one of it’s kind. It is like its “mother project” Allas Sea Pool Helsinki, a place to enjoy the urban city feeling in the active city area within a sea front site. The site will have saunas, heated pools and sea water pool, restaurant and cafes, areas for co-wotrking and wellness activities. And as in Helsinki, we believe the site will become a living room and the place to visit and enjoy for the tourists and habitants to enjoy. Bluet has been responsible of the design and engineering works of the floating area with pools and other facilities and overall project management. The aim is to open the project by fall 2019.

Finland, floating restaurant

Engelinranta in Hämeenlinna is an evolving area where commercial floating solution is bringing visibility, new businesses and activities to the waterfront area. Bluet is providing the first floating solution to the area, that is enabling different activities to the residents and visitors of the area. Now coming to Engelinranta is, for example, a restaurant and a wellness & waterpark center, that can be modified and expanded according to the demand and usage.

Hämeen Sanomat: Kelluva kahvila avaa Engelinrannan (translated with Google Translate)

Turku, Lauttaranta

Lauttaranta in Turku, Hirvensalo is a floating residential area that is coming together between 2018-2020, totaling 37 apartments. In this project Bluet is in charge of organizing and overseeing this housing project. Currently we are looking for cooperation partners for the project, so if you are interested of contract work, execution of floating houses or if you are interested of buying a floating home of your own, please contact us! We will gladly give new owners a possibility to participate in designing their new dream houses.

Contact us: or tel. + 358 (0) 30 6363 800

Finland, floating sea spa

In 2015-2016 Allas Sea Pool came together by cooperation of Bluet and Marinetek Finland. It is located in the heart of Helsinki, next to the Market Square and in front of presidential residence. Allas Sea Pool consists of two sweet water pools, one sea water pool and a 2700m2 sun deck that includes restaurant and sauna activities on the land area. The opening ceremony was held on 1st of September 2016. Client: Korjaamo Oy / crowdfunding project.

Bluet is specialized in floating swimming pool solution designing and execution. Together with out partners we can offer a great scale of different pool entirety with different body constructions, adapted for different circumstances and needs. Many other kinds of services can be linked with the pool, such as golf training range, diving center, football field, café’s or restaurants, saunas and even parking spaces.

Got excited? Ask more! Contact us: email or give us a call + 358 (0) 30 6363 800

Helsinki, Verkkosaari

Verkkosaari is a floating housing area coming to Kalasatama, Helsinki. Estimated to finish in 2019, it is going to be first of it’s kind in Helsinki – or maybe even the whole Finland! In this project Bluet is in charge of the overall project development and overseeing the project.

Right now we are looking for cooperation partners for the project, so if you are interested of contract work, execution of floating houses or if you are interested in buying a floating home of your own, please contact us! We would love to give new owners a possibility to participate in designing their new dream houses. Contact us at: or + 358 (0) 30 6363 800 Verkkosaari kelluvat asunnot (PDF, Finnish)

Finland, floating waterpark

In this project we started to design a small floating waterpark next to a hotel and camping center area, so that more activities can be offered to especially families with kids. Under planning is a floating waterpark and water sport center with 150m2 sea water pool, diving towers, water slide, sun deck and guest marina.

The project is at designing and city planning stage.

Sweden, floating leisure park

Floating services are excellent first stage solutions in developing areas. In Sweden, the city of Stockholm, building companies and real estate investors together are designing the new Marieviks Udden housing area, where to a floating leisure center with children’s playground would bring a new charm.

Floating leisure center has a 300m2 sea water pool, kid’s pool, cafés, social space and sun deck. Project is at city planning stage.

Client: JM AB

Norway, regional development project

Also included in Bluet’s services is area planning regarding to customers needs. An old industrial area located in Norwegian city is going to be transformed to residential and business use. Client also had a wish to join a floating residential area with the port. Bluet executed feasibility study, that mapped the requirements for the projects proceeding, sizes of the apartments and the other services that will serve both residents and visitors of the area.

<id=”floatinghome”>Project is at city planning stage.</>

Sweden, floating home

Marinstaden’s floating home in sweden is a uniquely designed home, that finished December 2015. Although compact, this three storey home offers living space up to a family of four, including such as guest room, living room, sauna & sauna lounge on the roof.

Together with our partners we execute unique floating homes, offices and restaurants both private and business use. If you are interested, or if you are planning your own project, please contact us! or + 358 (0) 30 6363 800

Floating hotel villas

Bluet’s client is planning a floating hotel resort next to the river in Asia. Part of the hotel complex is executed on land, but the client also has a vision of floating hotels, that would increase the attraction of the sight. Because the river is not suitable for swimming, Bluet also designed a small floating swimming pool with a restaurant that is accessible with boats, to be joinded with the complex.

Currently this project is on a permission and funding round.

If you are interested of designing or executing your own floating hotel, please contact us! Email or phone + 358 (0) 30 6363 800

Meriterranean area, floating aquarium

Ashore of Mediterranean Sea, a hotel owner/local investor wants to build an unique attraction in addition of a high-class luxury boat marina in front of his hotel. Despite of a waterfront location, the city in question doesn’t have a beach due to dirty water and sea lanes. Project design includes a floating aquarium, swimming pool, open-air bar and other essential services.

Project is proceeding slowly but surely.

Gibraltar, floating bathing pavilion

The story of Gibraltar Bathing Pavilion started, when the city of Gibraltar needed a new attraction for both locals and tourists. The area also has lack of proper and safe beach swimming possibilities.

In totality this floating bathing pavilion is 3000m2 concept, that includes two adult swimming pools, jump pool, children’s pool, outdoor excercise area and a playground. The project was executed 2014-2015 with cooperation of our cooperation partner Marinetek.

Client: The city of Gibraltar

Yle: Suomalainen teemapuisto kelluu kohta Gibraltarilla (in Finnish)

Espoo, Villa Helmi

Villa Helmi is a showroom build in 2007, that is model example of a floor plan for many kinds of activities. This site has been used as a office, conference room, an apartment and both club house and ballroom. Villa Helmi is located in Newport dock at Espoo’s keilalahti, and it is open for rent for diverse use, check it out!

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