Do you want a floating office, restaurant, home, pool or golf course? Just to mention a few of the possibilities. Whether you want to build for yourself or to a establish new business, our floating modular solutions are easy and innovative long-term solutions. We will help you build your floating dream from planning to construction.

Pools and recreational areas

Is your waterfront missing a beach ? Wish to offer your clients swimming possibility and recreational or training scene on the side? Bring the beach, pool, saunas and spas with other service facilities where your clients are. We have growing selection of various pool solutions with either closed circulation with full swimming pool technology or filtered (surrounding) water from 11 meters up to 50 meter pools.

Multi-use spaces for temporary or longterm use

Whether it is a floating year round or pop-up café, floating entertainment stage or a movable negotiating room or glazed terrace, it is a sure eye catcher when floating and an interesting experience in contrast to regular ones. Ask also for a leasing financing option for these (available in the Nordic countries).

Living spaces

To offer unique visiting experiences for hotel visitors, or live in your dream home – or create a site of multiple units when there is a lack of land. Have you ever thought about what would it feel like to wake up on top of water? A floating home or a hotel is something else. We have ready designed modules but we can also design a unique one just for you.

Modular utility spaces

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