Groundbreaking Solutions are not on land anymore

When you run out of land to develop on, Bluet Ltd offers you a new way of thinking. Building on water opens up new groundbreaking and sustainable opportunities without harming the environment. Get the best of your waterfront, attract more customers and see your business grow. Our high-quality solutions are scalable and customised to meet your specific needs.


We operate worldwide with the best contractors and suppliers. Take a look at what we can do and give us a call.

Services from early vision to entire project life cycle

We offer creative problem solving from early vision and waterfront development to final design and realisation plan, giving real added value to our clients, as One-Stop-Shop service solution. We operate worldwide and work with the best constructors, designers and suppliers.


When you have water but no land?

There are plenty of water areas to build on with floating construction solutions. Beach clubs, swimming pools, sports and leisure centers, utility buildings, offices, restaurants, nightclubs, shopping centers, homes and hotel villas – you name it. With floating technology numerous solutions are possible.


We Aim To Inspire

Flipping through the images gives you a good idea of what we can do for you. The only limit is your imagination.

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We work with the best contractors, suppliers and designers worldwide. When it comes to your project, we map out the best local operators as well.

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